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Workstation Assessments? Ergonomics? Do you want to reduce your sickness costs at work and improve the productivity of your staff?

At Pulse Physio we conduct workstation assessments which enable employees to be able to work more comfortably, reducung the strain on themsleves, and this can improve productivity. We are also able to assist in a return to work program when an individual has needed time off due to injury.

Whilst a large part of our work is in advising about equipment, i.e keyboards, chairs and document holders, etc, the main part of it is in adjusting peoples behaviour at work. This is something our specialist knowledge of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology can be employed to add more to an assessment than simply looking at a chart or completing a simple questionanire.

Our experienced physiotherapist has worked with many companies, such as Nissan, Barclays, News International, Serco and Optima Health. He has conducted assessments for office workers, community support workers and factory workers. This has given him experince necessary for tailoring advice to the needs of a wide range of workers.

Occupational Health has helped many companies reduce there costs by reducing sick leave costs. There is an ever grpowing body of research showing the benefits of these types of programs. The main risks, particularly for office workers, are musculoskeletal problems, i.e. back, neck or arm pain. The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics have found that employers saved 3 pounds for every 1 pound they invested in occupational physios.

If you would like to know more about our occupational health service (workstation assessments, advice on equipment and ergonomics), please contact us in Stevenage or Biggleswade.